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The Reformers Rock, Pop, Punk & Glam The Reformers WEE ROSS

Ross is the bass player for The Reformers and our official whisky taster !

Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Ross has a family tree full of Lairds and can trace his roots back to Robert the Bruce and Mel Gibson and he also knows a bloke that knows Annie Lennox.

Ross is a Professor of Musicology at the Royal Academy of Music in Edinburgh and has mathematically formulated a lot of the songs in our set and created amalgamations that were previously considered impossible. Through the use of his ground breaking research (and several bottles of Scotch), Ross is the only person on the planet that has been able to craft both Australian National Anthems into one seamless tune. Everyone knows that Oasis nicked all their riffs from old Beatles tunes, but Ross has cleverly spliced together an Oasis anthem with a T-Rex classic, much to the amazement of even Sir Paul McCartney.

Ross also has the ability to name every distillery in Scotland and name every single malt whisky that has ever been produced. Ross is also available for after dinner speaking where his specialist subject is . . . . you guessed it . . . . . . species of butterflies found in Mongolia !