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Ronnie is the guitar player for The Reformers and has an app that can find every UK McDonalds.

Back in the year 978, Ronnie’s Viking ancestors invaded Cornwall as part of their bid to become the rulers of Britain. The descendants of those Vikings still own the majority of the land in Cornwall and Ronnie is actually the fourteenth Earl of Bottomshire which is a Provence in the northern part of the county, where his family still live in a fort and indulge in the odd spot of raping and pillaging. He learned to sail at an early age so that he could take visitors to Cornwall on day trips in his longboat, where he would show them how to row for long periods of time up the Tamar, and teach them how to conquer the evil lands of Ply-Mouth and plunder their precious pasties. He is also a dab hand at wielding an axe which is where he first got the idea that it would be great to be a guitar player. After hours and hours of standing in front of a mirror pulling poses like 80’s hair metal guitar hero’s and holding an axe like a guitar, his Father, the thirteenth Earl of Bottomshire, bought him a Kay acoustic guitar from the Gratton’s catalogue and set him on his way to super stardom. Unfortunately he never made it that far and so now he plays his Kay acoustic guitar for The Reformers.